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Champagne Look

Champagne Look

Champagne Look

In 2007 it was my great fortune to have stood Champagne Look at my ranch for the breeding season.  Champagne Look will go down in history as one of the true greats of the Champagne colored horses of any breed.

It was the dedication and tenacity of his owner, Bea Kincade, who for nine years working with Dr. Ann Bowling (now deceased) of UC DAVIS, convinced color geneticists that his color was that of none other.  Hence the color CHAMPAGNE was identified from this remarkable horse, Champagne Look!  With years of research since then, color genetics now have identified a true DNA marker for the color of Champagne.

Aside from his metallic dazzling color, Look is absolutely perfection in his conformation, disposition and gliding, natural gait.  He moves like the Tennessee Walking horses were bred to move -- classic old-time fluid running walk with that marvelous head shake all the way.

Look produced five foals while he was standing in Oregon and he stamped each of his get with his incredible genes.  Beautiful placement of the necks, lovely heads, huge feet, and as sweet and willing as any foals I have ever had the pleasure to be with.  Oh .. did I forget to mention their natural gait?  Gaitin' little fools everyone of them from the time they stood up and got their feet moving.

Of his foals born on my ranch, all were sold as soon as they were on the ground.  I kept a Classic Champagne stud colt for my future herd sire and a beautiful black sabino filly for my future riding horse and broodmare.

It was my supreme honor to have stood Look at my ranch.  He was a joy to handle and his babies are a fine legacy to add to my breeding program.  Come back often to see Look's Champagne Stetson and Look's Champagne Illusion grow!

Champagne LookLook's foals
Champagne Look

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